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Retrieving medical records is easier than ever in today's digital world. Submitting a records request, however, seems to still be outdated. We've simplified the process of professional copy services and records retrieval by utilizing a quick and easy form. We work with panel and non-panel law firms along with doctors and insurance companies. We know that their time is valuable. Our focus is to make the records retrieval process seamless for your law firm, doctors office or insurance company. Customized billing, rush orders and pagination are just some of the extended services we offer. Start your records retrieval now.

Efficient Scanning and Delivery

Godfather's team utilizes today's technology to schedule appointments at designated locations, preform the work on-site and process copies for fast, efficient copy services.

Customer Satisfaction

Our number one priority is to complete your records request timely and efficiently. We understand the need and urgency of getting the job done, so we'll work diligently to complete the job in full.

On-Site Service

When your copy job is urgent we bring our service to you. We require minimal work space to produce copies. This way we aren't taking up all of the room in your office or intruding on your personal space.

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Secure Cloud Storage

Godfather Services saves all of it's scanned files in a secure cloud. This makes it convenient for you should a re-copy of the file be needed or the original was misplaced. Disaster recovery and offsite backup plans are in place to ensure reliability of documents.

HIPAA Compliant

We stay in line with all HIPAA guidelines and make sure your records are kept safe within our server.

Request a Process Server

Did you know we also process Subpoena's? Our subpoena service request is even more seamless than our copy service. Request a process server now!

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